How to put in False Lashes

How to apply false eyelashes in minutes

If you’ve got a love hate relationship with your false eyelashes there’s no need to worry, we’ve got the steps you need to follow to flawlessly apply them every time. Whether you want to add some subtle definition for a daytime look or are seeking drama that’s perfect for a glamourous evening, falsies can be a hassle-free part of your makeup routine.

Everyone has had trouble putting on false lashes in the past, from difficulty getting them close to your natural eyelashes to them slipping off half way through. Follow these 5 steps and tips to effortlessly apply yours every time you want to define your eyes.

  1. Pick out the right eyelashes – How great your eyelashes look depend just as much on the product you pick out as much as how you apply them. Consider your eye shape and the length when you’re hunting for the pair that’s just right for you. Think about when you plan on wearing them too, if you’re a regular falsie wearer, you’ll want more than one pair for different looks.
  2. Prepare your falsies – Once you’ve picked out your pair of falsies, preparation in important too. Holding them up to your eye, you can gauge how much you need to cut them down by. You can also taper the edges for a more natural look that complements your eye shape. You should also gently bend the lash band, it’s easier to apply curved lashes and prevents them from coming away at the outer corners.
  3. Apply your glue – If you’ve been struggling with false eyelashes it can be tempting to put on some extra glue. But less is more, remember you can always add a little extra if it’s needed. Dot a thin layer of glue across the whole of the lash band and then leave it to dry for a few seconds, allowing it to become tacky. Some people prefer to place the glue along their natural lash line, so experiment and see which you find easier.
  4. Place along your lashes – Using your fingers, start from the outer corner, getting the band as close to your lash line as possible. Once in place, look down and press the strip down. You can place your falsies slightly above your natural lashes on the outer corner for an eye-lifting and more dramatic effect.
  5. The finishing touches – If you’re only using your falsies once, you can use mascara to bond them with your natural eyelashes. You can add some uplift too by gently pushing against the lashes and create the look you’ve been after.


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